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Default Re: The hidden symbolism in the Bible

In Discovery magazine there is a small article about the early churches in Rome. It seems that the crucifix was not the original icon for belief in Christ. The early Christians were underground, called themselves the People of the Way, and used the fish symbol (IXTHUS). It wasn't until 313 A.D. that the cross became popular under the rule of Constantine.

I agree that Noah's ark is a powerful icon and is rich in symbolism. For archeological proof of the flood and suvivors, see Jonathan Gray at:

This site is his marketing tool, so you will have to search for articles by keying to his name on the web. The book, however, is well worth the cost for those who are looking for scientific bases of Bible stories.

One danger of what you address, Akbar, is that those who do not have a root undrstanding of what Chiristianity is are vulnerable to theological erosion and outright fraud. For example, Jesus never emphasized "becoming a good person" in the sense of the Zen teaching of achieving earthly perfection and Nirvana, etc. Jesus said, "Follow me"; he said that if we take his advise to heart we will know the freedom and strenght of the Truth. It is about relationship with God and with each other, pure and simple.
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