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Taxes and Socialism are fine if there are independent checks and balances in place which government has systemically removed.

I.E. The Nova Scotia Bar used to be investigated by an independent body and the government, who are a bunch of crooked doctors and LAWYERS, CHANGED THE LAW, so they are self-regulating. A bit like the fox in the hen-house.

Similarily, Blue Cross runs MSI, our socialized medicine which is being drained so as to introduce privatised medicine... the two tier system that currently works in Britian..

The little blue booklet the anal retentive idiot hands you at the human rights office in no way, shape, nor form, resembles the Canadian Charter of Rights. Law by law,line by line, Canadian rights are being stripped away.

Wait until middle class Joe gets hits with interest hikes on all his debt for all those things he thought he needed and his wifey is bitching cuz she can't get toe nail extensions; Maybe the sheeple will care then.

"I don't care was made to care and all the people who followed." - My mum

The bullshit our government and their friends are getting away with is absolutley rediculous. There has got to be a better way.

What goes around comes around...

Mary X
N.B. I am self-employed and this government can swing before they get a penny from me. I owe who what? I won't pay a penny and IF their were checks and balances in place I would love to contribute to a social net where healthcare was available for all along with a good education and a sound governmnet, not these pathetic morons who are running the show.

With these things in place, the welfare state could be eliminated. Teach a child to read and you open up the world.

Health is wealth. Knowledge is freedom.
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