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Default Re: Population Control?

The support of the Wahabis are coming from the leadership of the West. Bush and the rest of the Western leaders treat the Saudi royals as family members. The U.S. has soldiers over there to protect them. They are always informed of any U.S. attacks in the region before they happen. So actually, white Christians are the protectors of the Wahabis. In fact there is strong evidence that the Wahabis were started with strong British support to cause a wage in Islam. You seem to believe everything the media say hook, line, and sinker. If you ever decide to research Islamic history you will see that most Muslims have been against this brand of Islam since it began. The only thing that keeps it going is Western support. Why? because it paints a bad picture of Islam, and invite others to attack the religion. It is also the branch responsible for leading Muslims in a war against Christianity. The evangel Christians are responsible for leading Christians in a war against Islam. When you study both groups, you will see that most of their beliefs are similar except they are in different religions. The key factor is that both believe that you cannot be saved if you do not have their point of view, which means that there can never be peace unless you see it their way.
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