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Default Re: The hidden symbolism in the Bible

Jesus is the "sun of God" who came to teach the people how to worship God as an individual person. To follow Jesus is to incorporate his teachings in your life. That is what it means by eating the bread. The wine is the spirit you need in your life to make the teachings of Jesus a reality. What I find amazing about Christians is that you do not study the history of your religion. If you did then you would easily be able to identify with the belief of Muslims because their were Christians with the same belief. They lost the war with those who favored the trinity concept. Study the Council of Nicea in Rome in the 1400's. Muhammed is the return of Christ. This time he came back to teach the individual how to live in the community of people with different races, religions, countries. It was also the final attempt to get the Jews to follow God. Most of the holy Quran talks about Moses. His name is mentioned more than any other prophet. Also, Jerusalem was intially the most important city in Islam at that time before the change to Mecca. Now it is the third most important city in Islam. Yes, most of the truth in the Bible is hidden and has been either lost or not shared by the Christian leaders. So God had to bring the pure word back to the common man. what I'm telling you, you can research for yourself. Prior to the coming of Islam, Christian leaders were withholding the word of God for themselves and other select individuals. When they did give it to the comon man they told him to see it literally, which lead to the dark ages. Now the oppostie is true. The West has seperated itself from the control of religious authority. While the Muslim world is in the dark ages. The Muslim world is in the dark ages because it denies science due it's hate of the West. They associate Science with the West and do not see how the holy Quran came to resurrect the Sciences. They do not follow their own logic.
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