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Default Re: When will all this go down in the US

Secondly, just in case you're wondering, I'm not a Christian and will never become one in my life. You can give me thousands of quotes/preachings from your Bible on why I might be "damned" or "thrown into hellfire", but all this means nothing to me.
Ohh yea..Those were my famous last words in 1987 too ;-)

I do not wish to be a part of any cult engaged in brainwashing people into accepting their mental construct, which is often referred to as "truth"; and then using fear-based manipulation to make them stay inside the cult. So, please keep your Bible to yourself.... Preaching your mental constructs to me will only be a waste of your time.
Well babe, then get out of the masons society fassstttttt ;-)

"Truth" in a loosly based "quote", ok, so you're saying you have no moral absolutes. As opposed to those who are people of faith.

Don't talk about "cults" and "the Bible" in same phrase hon, you could offend someone. Besides which, what your saying is, respectfully, bunk.

People are not "guilted' into faith and a life in Christ like one is won over to a lifetime of personal bondage to the religions of men via being hypnotized or ritual abusv, or bondage.

Those "mental constructs" your'e talking on have been the faith of billions of human beings for a very long time. If you want to classify that as a "cult", I suggest you go back to the true and orginal meaning of as cult. Of you do, however, you will find that the respected frieds you discuss have been participating in a blood one that goes back to Babylonian religious forms and is the worst sort of bondage through fear you can imagine.

Suggesting Christians "fear" and lumping that in with talks about "right" in quotes, as if "right" is a debatable thing up for grabs, suggests, very strongly, that your moral compass is a bit off here, in the sense that you have been feed religious (Masonic?) jargon about Christians, and the only way you may personal be able to get past moral absolutes (i.e. that there is such things as "right and "wrong"), is to throw the word 'truth" out there with "fear" thus suggesting you do not follow moral absolutes and do so froma frame work which can only solve the concern of Christ and Christians by labeling them as a "cult" "based on"'fear".

Well, they aren't.

Lastly, Freemasonry is only a fraternity and does not expect any person to follow any particular religion, except that the members are required to believe in a Supreme power.
No, the delta house for boys is "only a fraternity". Let's be fair and call a spade a spade hon.

Why follow anything when you have your "religion".
"A Supreme power" (named Satan).

In the end all "religions (man mad forms used to be like god through one's own "goodness' "powers" or works), is simply ritual. It is , infact, the ultimate bondage.

Ask any former Catholic after 20 plus years in the "system".

Also, "Supreme Power" is a bit vague..Coule be anything or anyone, except Jesus Christ I see..who is God alone..

The focus is on development of character and spiritual qualities, which provide fulfillment in every human's life.
Without the fear of God this can't be.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
Some of those who walk in the darkness of their imaginations, but talk so loosely about "spritual" things, also use the word "truth" about thses things.

Because their definition of truth is caleld "truth", as moral relativism, it is arbitrary and situational ethics at best.

Since there is no absolute "truth", "right" and "wrong" are varibale with the tides and there is no true development of "character", for there is no true God to model it from.

Since man is imperfect, due to sin, the changes vary.

Fullfillment, at its highest form, is a temporal playing with/at powers and principlaities and favor from mena nd dark places that does not come from the true God.

At best, a tiresome excercise in pride, and the flesh and all that that entails.

I also do not have any problem with anyone choosing to follow the Christian (or Islamic) faith, it's their freewill after all.
That's nice. But, nothing would change here if you did ;-)

But don't expect me to ever buy into those beliefs. I love my freedom of mind and I admire the free thinkers still remaining in this planet!
"free-thinkers" is opted from the Devil's dictionary and the nwo handbook.

Hon, when you're sunk, you're sunk.

To suggest the Christians of al, this world are living in "fear" in a "cult", and you are clearly the one with ,pehraps, this true concern, is one thing.

To imagine you are "free" when you are bound up and tithered to a religious system made by mere men for power profit and worldy gain, is anot a frredom I would know or wish to understand.

The "freedom" you imagine you have "in (your) mind" is actually only bondage to sin.
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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