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Default Re: The New American Civil War

Yes, it must be earned by trials and tribulations. In life nothing worth having is for free. I think all revelation from God invite us to strive for a higher being. When we reach that higher state of being then there will trully be world peace with race and religion being just our outer clothing.

The next American Civil War will be a race war. The battle lines have already been drawn and the armies waiting. This will be the trojan horse that will destroy America.

Now compare these two posts, This represents a logical person who wishes well for all! Whose religion is a religion of peace? We take this site as a joke, but we will note this comment about destroying America. The Koran talks of nothing but death and destruction and asks its followers to kill in the name of Allah. We will leave your opinion of the Bible to you. There are many armies waiting and some will bring down the Temple of Humankind and some are from a far away place. You will soon have to put action where your mouth is.

Now back to the fun of making a fool of a fool.
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