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Default Re: The hidden symbolism in the Bible

Science and religion finally joined together. All people coming under one religious, what a wonderful thing...If you're an engineer for the Illuminati.

Evolve me closer to "the Christ" within? Sounds like getting close to a state of ascended mastery. Another token New Age belief.

Has anyone here actually listened to the "Build Yourself an Ark" tapes?!

And the "light" you that the Light of Jesus Christ?

Tell me, how do you define the "light" you speak of here?

The whole concept of symbolism in the Bible is actually the latest attack on the divinity of God's Word, largely started in the conspiracy community with the help of the plant David Icke, and popular media's recent "fascination" with the fictional story, "The Da Vinci Code".

Icke, obviously a plant to th seasoned veterans of this game, practically preaches the Bible to people, however, completely denies the divinity of Christ come in the flesh.

Does anyone here know how to test to see whether a spirit is from Lucifer, or From Christ?


Tell me more about the sybolism. I want speciffic stories, themes, and events.

And in regards to earning the hub of intellegence...

Man is not saved by faith, not works. In a physical human shell, we do not have full access of this hub, if any at all. We must first choose to believe in the completed work of Jesus Christ, so that we will be accepted into the eternal consciousness that the limitless human soul was originally created for. Then all is revealed. To imagine that connection with this hub is possible while in a physical form contradicts the nature of Truth, which is an abvsolute stretching into infinity. A place that physical humans cannot grasp, nor can our spirits, while connected with the physical.

Man cannot serve two masters. He will love one, and hate the other...

What I find amazing about Christians is that you do not study the history of your religion. If you did then you would easily be able to identify with the belief of Muslims because their were Christians with the same belief.

That shows little knowledge beyond the mainstream of Christian teaching and belief. I am Christian. Why do I not identify with the Muslims? Maybe you should do a little research into Muslim history.

In the Bible, the holy people are the descendants of Isaac, later renamed Israel. God made a covenant with Isaac. The scriptures state that the descendants of Abraham's other son, Ishmael, "Shall be as a wild ass, fighting constantly with his bretheren."

500 - 1000 years LATER, muhammed has his revalation, in which he states that the covenant was actually made with Ishmael, not Isaac.

Which is true? The Original writing, or the one that came after and modified the story?

As a Christian, I believe that Muhammed was a False Prophet. He probably believed in what he saw, however, the spirits that manipulated him had much more forsight. Deception only involves 0.01% deceit mixed with 99.99% truth. But partial truth is still not whole truth.

Tell me, which do you hold as truth? God's covenant with Isaac, or with Ishmael?
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