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Default Re: The Ultimate Test in Freemasonry

Freeman, MaryP, Madkhao.......

Denver Airport....... Masonic words and symbols.

The only one I have found is on the capstone which is Usually laid by a mason - I believe they were at the ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone for the new WTC.

Anyway Masonic words? I think not

The Navaho people believe that the Creator put them on the land among four holy mountains, representing the four cardinal directions. Pictured here is Mount Blanca (Sisnaasjini - Dawn or White Shell Mountain,) the Sacred Mountain of the East, which is near Alamosa in San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Places in Colorado. A mountain pass, hills,and a creek are named Cochetopa. There is also a Cochetopa Park.

This is the last name of a fellow known for deciphering extremely high prime numbers. Perhaps more significantly it is the last name of a developer who specializes in such things as AIRPORTS.

Mark Villarreal earned a BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1982 and has
been an exhibiting abstract painter in Colorado since 1983.

Navaho word for a specific "white mountain", but the word "dzit" is Navaho for mountain, and "gaii" is Navaho for white. I could not find what "dit" means, but the phrase refers again to "white mountain".

I wonder if the architect of Denver airport is a 7ft shapeshifting Navajo Indian/Lizard, spoken of by the creat chiefs of his forefathers, as the "Great Demon and builder of metal bird nest"?

Wow, I wonder..........
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