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Default Re: The hidden symbolism in the Bible

Yeoshua said:

***Of course there is Pagan symbology in the bible there had to be for the masses to accept this radical new religon of Christianity.***

Have you ever studied the Torah? You know, the first five book of the Bible, which have been flawlessly copied for over 2000 years by rabbinical priests. Sorry, could you point out the pagan symbolism of the writings which pre-date some forms of paganism?

Trace Judism back as far as you can. Now, look at the same era, and try to find out what "religion" or "following" was rival to Judism. Then Get back to me.

Also, it's important to seperate Roman Catholic Christianity from Modern day Christianity. The Roman Catholic branch is where you will see the most paganistic symbolism, shared holidays, ect. However, modern christians are very aware of the history and formation of their holy book, and are anything but ignorant of paganistic similarities.

It's almost as if the world views christians of going to the same building every week, and hearing the same message every time. You know, people literally devote their lives to understanding this book, and the events and place and people it involves. This isn't something that we just blindly accept. This isn't something we were just "raised" as. This is something we BELIEVE in. There are entire colleges devoted to spending years of one's life merely learning the History behind the Book. We study different translations, looking for inconsitancies. We study origins of translations. We study Greek. We study hebrew. We study Aramaic.

What you refer to in your above quote only stands for the ROMAN CATHOLIC branch of christianity.
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