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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

I was nearly late for work, reading this thread! Great points, Ana.

Having lived in London most of the 90s I totally agree with your view. See, I KNEW there were women like you out there, only there was probably a very slim chance of meeting one in the pub. ;-)

Looking at myself, I hardly ever went to the pub to "meet someone". I realised quite quickly that people don't go to the pub to find an intelligent, sensitive, spiritual, strong, questioning, independent (from media, that is) partner to start a long serious relationship with, that hopefully ends up in a marriage.

So, I thought if I don't go to the pub to "meet someone special" then probably "they" don't go to the pub to meet someone like me EITHER.

So I stopped looking for potential girlfriends in the pub.

But then I started to wonder where this illusion comes from. There's a simple answer to that: media. It was in London that I discovered the glossy magazines - "lifestyle" magazines - like Arena, FHM and such.

Nowhere have I seen people swallow this bate - hook, line&sinker - so totally than in London. London is the largest city that I lived in so far.

So here's my take on what's going on.

You cut the spiritual bond between man and woman.

Then you cut the spiritual bond between parent and child.

Then you cut the bond between old and young.

Cut everyone off from their Tradition and heritage and history. Make them forget where they come from.

(The Communists have done this everywhere; in Hungary they have promoted the theory that Hungarians and the Finns have a joined ancestry. Now the Truth is getting out that the Hungarians' history actually goes back to the Sumerians - the Hungarian language has more in common with ancient Sumerian than with the Finn-Ugric language group!)

Then you shove everyone into the pub to consume as much as they can, while they're searching for that "special one"; a "father/mother figure", "I've-always-wanted-a-daugther", "I-want-to-call-you-daddy"...

A Swedish journalist has written a book called "The Infantile Society", in which his basic point is that grown-ups behave like teenagers and kids behave like grown-ups.

One of the most Evil goals of the Satanic NWO is to sexualise children; to ruin their innocence.

The message in the glossy magazines is "It's boring to be grown-up, responsible; much more fun to be young; to do whatever gets in your head; follow your impulses; be OPEN to anything"; you have to be curious, try things" etc.

My personal favourite is "be open to anything".



Why should I be open to ANYTHING?

This is what invites negative, dark aspects of the human being, demonic aspects of the psyche to come up to the surface to be unleashed and let loose to run uncontrolably amok.

Like I said elsewhere; Man has a demonic side and a Divine side to her being. We have the potential to raise ourselves ABOVE ourselves. OR we can give in to the demonic forces which are within us. Our purpose in this existence is to refine our SOULS so that it can reunite with The Spirit.

"If Man doesn't strive Upward, She falls Downward."
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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