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Default Re: SAVE Our State: SAVE our COUNTRY!!!!!!!

you strike me as utterly insane in your beleifs Dominio, No disrespect though, for instance lets say that some criminal thug (Illegal Alien) breaks in your house and steals all your cherished goods, (and lets not get into what the bible says here,) and you encounter the thug as you get home, what exactly are you going to do if the thug points a weapon (knife or gun) at you or your family? I personally would do what it takes to make the thug leave, even if it means taking some serious injury, of course if I had a gun on my person the leads flying in the thugs brains, Now the analogy here is that The USA is being destroyed from within and from outside forces such as ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. It is the Absolute right of Americans and Americans only to protect and defend their country from all enemies foriegn and domestic. So my point is
you don't seem to comprehend that. America is a nation born of extreme violence and bloodshed, but it was neccessary violence, and I seriously think you think most Americans are going to just sit back and do nothing while their country goes
to hell, I strongly disagree! Just my Opinion!
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