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Default Re: Fritz Springmeier, Illuminati?

psholtz wrote:
After watching these videos, I think it'd be difficult to imagine a human being who is more ignorant and more uninformed of the NWO than Fritz Springmeister..

Could you please provide some analysis to illustrate you conclusion of Fritz’s ignorance. Is it the case that some of the information that Fritz presents is wrong? If so, it would be most helpful if you could list a few examples of bad information he presents in contrast to better sources. Is there another reason for your conclusion?

He should be classed in the same league as David Icke, and is nothing more than a danger only to himself and those who are foolish enough to listen to him..
Exactly how is listening to something of this nature dangerous? I suppose if you want to believe everything you hear you’ll end up with issues (like most people who listen to main stream news sources) but for those that reserve judgment, where is the issue? How is it dangerous?
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