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Default Re: The hidden symbolism in the Bible

When I can find a way to explain how to connect with this hub of intelligence, I will surly post it here. All I can say now is that it must be earned.
:-? Very Gnostic of you LD sounds like Yeoshua is not the only Mystery Religion type haunting this so called anti NWO forum!.
Effort smeffort, take some effort in reading a KJV Bible especially the NT except christ as messiah and be saved simple!.I dont care the egoist wankers on this forum you can think your gnostically superior all you want at the end of the day your still the same level as any other consipracy site kooks otherwise you wouldnt bother posting here and wasting your time with such profane cognition levels!.
Whats the matter rank of Entered Apprentice or Grand Warden not cutting enough prestige in the craft or Gnostica Excclesia!. :roll: :lol:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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