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Here in the U.S., any reference to the cosmic mind or universal intelligence would be considered New Age by most folks, mainly because there's such a wide spectrum of what's considered to fall under the New Age umbrella.
Perhaps where you live, the definition of New Age would be a little different. And yeah, I can see why you might not want to be associated with anything hippie-like! Who would?

It's cool that you want to discuss the issue in a calm and rational way. Would you mind if I pick apart what you received from the wisdom? I promise I'll be civil; and please feel free to disagree with me.

You wrote..."The human mind is in a sense like a puzzle." I would agree that this is true.

"It does not know everything, and thus the puzzle is incomplete. Every puzzle concludes the same picture, but no puzzle is alike in the shape of its pieces." This seems like a contradiction. If every puzzle is incomplete, then it cannot conclude any picture, much less the same picture.

"To teach another of the (complexities of shrouded truth)do not put your pieces into anothers puzzle, as it will never fit. Instead, place your piece on your own, and show another how you did it. This way, another can build his/her puzzle by using your better methods."

It seems to me that showing someone how to build his/her puzzle is the same, in effect anyway, as building it for them. There may be a few individual differences, but the effect would be the same.

Yes, you might consider asking the wisdom for a definition of what it is exactly.
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