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Dear Marsali

Dont you know that all world religions have esoteric (inner) teachings. If you study only one of them, then you get to the conclusion that it doesnt matter which way you choose. All true esoteric teachings, for example in esoteric Christianity (after the Gnostic, Theosophic, Mystic and Essenic Tradition) or in esoteric Islam (after the tradition of Sufism) or in esoteric Judaism (after the tradition of the Kabbalah) and in other religions there dont even exist exoteric religions anymore, so these esoteric teachings will show you the way to the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness... if i might give you an advice, do not hesitate and waste time to choose the right path, choose one, practise it and you will find all the rest... work, work, work...

Overcoming ones fear is a very important step for all of us... i guarantee you, you dont have to fear anything... cause everything is good...

I wish you all love, wisdom and truth of eternity...

best wishes from Switzerland

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