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I appreciate your response, Roger.
I totally agree with you about not fearing anything. In Christ (the Christ of Christianity) there can be nothing to fear. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't speak out against Pharaseeic corruption, whatever form that corruption may take.

I can't vouch for the other religions, but in Christianity, there are no esoteric inner teachings. Since the beginning of Christianity (even before it became aligned with Rome)heretical and Arien forces have sought to bring down Christianity, one of the ways of which has been to believe that there are secret teachings associated with Christ. This is nothing new; it's 2000 years old.

I think it was the Council of Trent where the Ariens were finally allowed to have their say, but the council ruled against them, by confirming that Jesus is indeed divine, whereas the Ariens wanted to change Church tenets into believing that Jesus was for the most part,
just a man.

Thanks for the good wishes; I wish you the same.
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