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Default Re: Why don`t the extraterrestrials help us?

Jimbo wrote:
.........["electromagnetic environment" is always driving us at the “beta” level (14 -> 30 Hz or higher 10-20 mV – where we are awake & totally active), it is just impossible for us to naturally attain “deep theta” or “delta” (1 -> 4 Hz 50-350 mV), or for that matter anywhere below “alpha” (8 -> 13 Hz). The fact is, you can only “astral-travel” while in lower “delta” & “theta” levels, while being in the “alpha” level benefits the physical body & the renewing & self-healing process is accelerated.
Damn right Jimbo, and you can dowload a tone generator and all the frequencies you need here:

You can also get plans for orgone generators and anti-mind control hats too!
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