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Marsali wrote:
Okay, I think I understand what you're saying about our minds being alike when fully enlightened, but each puzzle is 'cut up' differently (which is the uniqueness of each individual). That makes sense, but what is your definition of enlightenment? I know what a New Age or gnostic definition might be, but your definition might be different from what I assume, so I'll keep an open mind.
The best explanation of an enlightened individual would be Jesus Christ in the Christian bible. Enlightened in the sense that one is at an apex of progression. This is being, acting and seeing only in love. Considering evil is the negative of good, to be evil would be anti-progression.

Marsali wrote:
But how do you know, or how can you be sure, that the fundamentals on how to discover knowledge will lead ultimately to Truth? Do you think that there is ultimately one Truth, or many?
I have learnt that it is not truth that we should seek, because we cannot know certain things while in this dimension. When you complete a piece of your puzzle, you can see that it fits perfectly, and so the method you had used to place it there was correct. The ‘fundamentals’ on how you came to place it there was correct.

Ultimately, I think there is ONE truth, and ONE source. Here on earth, however, the 'truth' is made up of many pieces. The truth is in the picture of the puzzle. I suppose we already know what that picture is, but the progression which leads to its completion holds the knowledge. So knowing what the picture is, is nothing like completing the puzzle.
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