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Default Re: US must accept the International Court of Justice! *

Ozziecynic wrote:
I vote No!. I like the emphasis on MUST I mean kind of sounds like an order dont you think very authoritarian for such Lefty peace & harmony man like yourself!.
Whatís wrong with peace and harmony?

I think you are limp wristed gay Fabian!.
I suggest shock therapy to the gonads to stimulate testerone levels to the peturitry gland before the UN makes its move!. :lol:
I think youíre a fucking asshole. I suppose Iím completely justified in saying that, as you deserve it far more that your victim did.

^ Now, before you throw a tantrum, that wasnít MY response, just a basic eye-for-and-eye response.
I donít slander others when I have the time to consider. Itís hard, sometimes, to keep from lashing out. Consider this Ďscorní, which is not sinful.
An eye-for-an-eye, is how many people judge moral decision these days, despite what their religion says on it.

Your response was not very Christian-like, was it?

Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.
Demographics? Metaphysics? Scientific? Chemistry? Ecology? Psychology? Sociology? Entropy?
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