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Default Re: US must accept the International Court of Justice! *

Whatís wrong with peace and harmony?
Everything when it is the variety fabricated by you and your fag mate SEC!.
You see i know your type LD your just another hippie wanna be guru idiot in the vein of John Lennnon!.Can i suggest you take one big LSD trip and dope yourself into a coma dreaming of your Golden age of roots, mungbeans and orgies!.Your nothing novel pal neither is your mate SEC but the facts is your 40 years too late for woodstock or altimont!.

think youíre a fucking asshole. I suppose Iím completely justified in saying that, as you deserve it far more that your victim did.
8-)I was joking Ld,just because you fail to relate to my sense of humour doesnt mean others here wont!.The reason you dont take anything as a joke is because you take yourself and CC far too seriously LD!.
I intend to have fun with you LD because i know your the kind of uptight moron that falls for every ruse your just too much of wanker not to!.Call me any swear word or vulgarity you like i have thick skin,the point is i havent started swearing yet, but you have so who is losing their nerve it aint me gay hippie lefty druggie fag!.
You and your mate sec should take one big Acid trip together to your Golden age coma as soon as possible to save us any further torturous BS!.

Besides this forum was never really designed for fabian fags like you and SEC it is for bigots and rightwingers thats the only kind of people that believe in NWO.
I have never heard of Lefties that oppose centralisation or universal ideas like the UN or One World Government infact they are usually all for it, just as you and SEC appear to be.The facts are Liberals and Lefties dont post on these kinds of sites LD your out of your league lefty fag no one cares for your tolerance of diversity or your drugs or your queerness!.

Facts are if you post among Rednecks you have to tolerate them and play by their rules otherwise find some Marxist or Trot forum and vamoose over to it on the double!:lol: :-P
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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