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Default Re: US must accept the International Court of Justice! *

My dear friends, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze

Its my personal right to make orders, like you all have the same rights... talking about peace and harmony does not mean that i should be quiet and accept whatever kind...
Nah, my dear friend, you have an absolute incorrect view of people who love peace and harmony...

If i have a certain knowledge, its my duty to talk about that, and too its my right to do so, like you do the same, even it sounds like an order... so what? Nobody is forced to follow my order, isnt it?

Btw, the US Government itself know that its just a question of time until they will be forced to join an International Court of Justice, we will talk about this when the next international scandal against human rights or humanity pops up... at least after realizing insufferable consequences after invading Iran... juz wait and see... its a logic consequence...

best wishes from Switzerland

p.s.: Ladominio thanks for your interaction, but to say the truth, its not necessary... its not good to interact when two fight eachother, just stay back, leave them alone and watch them sort their problem... you might help immediatly if one is seriously hurt, but not before... but i appreciate your help... hope it didnt sound preachyteachy...

best wishes from Switzerland

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