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Default Re: Alien Nation? Really?

oke,i knew that{the racist bit}
did you read the article about races?{who are the israelites}or the adem and eve stuff.{garden of eden}no offense to the asians or the old days they had their own ways.there were people on earth already before adem and eve.{did you read that ?}was the bible for those people?or was it for the caucasion people?
or is the bible itself a conspiracy?
the bible is a bit racist or not?
if we tolerate everything we might as well join the nwo?
what's with the bible versions?{conspiracy if you ask me}
by who?
now the zionists,imho are the biggest racists in the world.look at the whole israel policy{second class citizens?}
look at sharon.
they threw people out of helicopters.
or is it just their leaders who have hoodwinkend them by the some rabbis?
but wasn't sharon controlled by the mossad from rome?
that's why i said;i don't many groups within groups. :-)
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