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Default Re: US plans to 'fight the net' revealed


I wished to pass this along to you, though perhaps you are already aware of the practice.

The post comes from a computer game-related website, but the scope surpasses just one organization.

Thank you for all you do.
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Thread follows:

Guerilla Marketing

We received the following from a young man who we will call "Mr.


Hey guys,

I interviewed for a guerilla marketing business in San Francisco
that targeted web forums.

I was told that if I accepted the job, I was to have at LEAST 50
identities on as many forums as I could muster (they wanted 100
eventually), with a goal of 5 posts an hour. The posts had to be well thought out, and the idea was that I was to establish multiple identities with a history on the forums, so that when the timing was right a well written but subtly placed marketing post could be finessed in. And regular visitors would recognize the post as coming from a long time poster.

They had 12 people working there full time, and were hiring 10
more. You do the math. No wait, I'll do it for you: that's 880 posts a day (if minimum was met). However he said the better ones could do around 8 or 10 an hour. And they had different "verticals" so there was the sports guy, and the games guy, the hentai, excuse me I mean anime guy, etc.

But the most critical point was this: develop and integrate the
identity. No random "HEY EB GAMES IS AWESOME BUY THIS" stuff.

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