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Default Re: Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent

SeC, if I were you,living in Switzerland, I would be worried. If America is destroyed, either financially or physically, it will not destroy the American Illuminati. These are the American super-rich and a more evil bunch you will never see. They will long have had plans to abandon America if things get tough and probably have their eyes set on luxury countries such as Switzerland. Would you really like to see arrogant American super capitalist flood your country and the better places in Europe. I can promise you that you would be working for them at half your pay now. At the moment the American people are so blind that they tolerate these monsters here even though they enslave the world. You and all of Europe and the rest of the world should pray to your gods that America stands and that the American people remain ignorant of the demons in their midst. America absorbs most of the evil these super-rich exude, with us gone they would descend on you like a locust army from Hell. European super-rich would melt in the presence of these vicious carnivores.
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