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Default Re: Chosen By Whom?

The bible tells us that God chose the hebrews but he states that he chose them because they where the least among mankind.

If you you read further you will notice that the Hebrews would always try to worship the Gods of the people living next to them rather than worshiping Yahweh, dispite all the help they recieved from God and all the miracles and warnings about not following the right path, they still kept practicing idolatry and child sacrifice to baal and others.

God gave them a warning through the prophet Jeremy but still they returned to there old ways. This caused them to be exiled to babaylon for 70 years, this is where the pharisee class emerged because there was no temple where the priest could sacrifice.

This pharasee class mixed there belifes with the babaylonian pagan religion through the kabbala and since then they have been a thorn in the hebrew nation. Some say a group made a pact with the devil to fulfill the promise God had given them but without God. In other words they took matters into there own hand, Bear in mind that the devil also wants the hebrews because by doing so he countefits the truth and downplays God.

These people are very stubborn and self centered from the begining. All they do is study how to circunvent the law given to them but all they have done is increase the number of laws thus creating a hodge podge of lop holes with do;s and donts that is far from more complex than anything God gave them. when they where set free from captivity many refuesed to go back to israel because they had made a life in babylon, this included many pharesses.

These people are in the center of the battle between Yahweh and lucifer and have suffered mightly and have made the whole world suffer too. But because God will win and Jesus will reign the worl will be blessed because of them.

You might ask why did God with all his knowlege choose these ungratefull people?

Its because God always proves his point using the people less likely. And he will prove satan, and all wrong by using these people.

Two things have also happend historically to this nation, during there exile the kings of babylon settled there land with other semites that where mixed geneticaly with hebrews and tought them the hebrew customs. These became known as the samaritans. Later after there exile by the romans caused by them not accepting the Lord Jesus as the messiah and savior (mostly because of the pharisee influence) those who survived where dispersed to all the known world.

The during the middle ages the decendants of the hebrew that stayed in babylon converted a nation called the kazars into judaism. (non semtic hebrew) but this is another story.

To make this long story short this nation has been infected with devil worshippers posing as jews and using Gods people as his people. Deciving them and the world. But this will not be for long because all this is being exposed as told by Christ.

All who call themself jews are not jews in birth (genetic) Jesus called those the children of the devil.

So we must respect these chosen because of God alone, because they have a very important roll to play in the world but knowing that unto God hebrew and gentile nations are equal because of Christ.

Some day God will Sow the Hebrew and reap the real from the false then the world will be a better place.

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