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Default Re: The Concept of a Pan-World II


You bring up some interesting ideas, but most of your ideas involve looking to Man to solve our problems, rather than turning to God. Man in the form of the collective, the brotherhood, the druids, of shops, as if Man himself and herself (with the help of the "gods" of course) can ever be counted on to come up with a plan that will be of any true benefit to Mankind.

You wrote of the love that exists in your brotherhood, but since that love does not have God as its source, it cannot be sustained. Even Satan can pretend to love for a little while.

You're right, though, in stating that the Churches (for the most part) offer only tinned-food. This, however, wasn't always the case. One hundred years ago, the Catholic Church looked to God to guide it, not Man, as it does now.

It's because this Church looked to God (rather than Man) that it had to be neutralized so that it would not oppose the Illuminati's New World Order agenda. And it has been neutralized; look at Pope B16's new encyclical; it's lockstep and right in tune with the NWO agenda. B16 hasn't the courage to oppose anything.

You're Illuminati brotherhood has taken taken
down the Church for now, but it cannot take from the minds and hearts of many Christians that "antiquated" God of which you speak.

The Illuminati brotherhood has won a temporary victory, but it can't last, because it is built on a false foundation.
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