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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

nohope... WHEN Arnie and not IF Arnie becomes the face of politics, the Pres/Prime Minister of Canuckistan, I think I'll migrate to the sunny shores of Cuba or some other friendly dictatorship.

I'm coming to think a marguarita on a beach watching the sun set and my children play is the best I can hope for. Trouble is I am having problems finding any suitable country with any sense or morality in which I would raise my children.

Two bedroom flats go for forty thousand pounds in Dubais, according to British sources. Perhaps a little too close to Iraq?

Is there anywhere in this Satan loving world I can simply live and raise my children?

I'm open to suggestion, offers and invitations. Canada is not where I want to be. I'm also partial to warm climates.

New Zealand keeps crossing my mind.

I am ashamed to be Canadian. What Canada stands for is drug shipments, money laundering, mafia and child molestation. What a sad state of affairs.

Mary XXX Peace!
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