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Default Re: Chosen By Whom?

55132 wrote:
These people are very stubborn and self centered from the begining. All they do is study how to circunvent the law given to them but all they have done is increase the number of laws thus creating a hodge podge of lop holes with do;s and donts that is far from more complex than anything God gave them.

To make this long story short this nation has been infected with devil worshippers posing as jews and using Gods people as his people.

Very important points, 55132.

Regarding the first paragraph of the above quote, you have to read Shahak's book.
Mary, the site from which I got the link to Shahak's book might have some hardcore racist links like Stormfront or David Duke but also there are links to Michael A. Hoffman II , Ernst Zundel , David Irving and IHR Institut for Historical Review , all of which (as in the last ones I mentioned) I consider scolarly and logical - only wanting to tell the Truth.

To understand history these are very important links, along with Juri Lina's books.

Regarding the second paragraph, I have read several historians allege that for example the Rothchild's can't be considered Jewish because they worship Lucifer; rather they pretend to be Jewish so that they will be the "fall guy" for their Luciferian agenda.
Maybe they're ancestry is Jewish but that they departed from that faith and actually became Luciferians and therefore can't be considered Jewish...
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