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Default Re: The Absolute Best Authentications Of The Protocols Of Zion

The Meditations were an internal dialog that he committed to writing, much like people keep a tape recorder with them while traveling in a car, bus or plane today so they will not lose a thought or insight. I've done this myself.

As for your analogy, first of all, he was not trying to advise YOU to change YOUR judgement about something. In a similar circumstance he probably would have ordered one of his guards to lop off the offender's head and thought no more about it.

Realize that he was Emporer of Rome. Many things troubled him, in both mind and affected his body as a result. You will agree that it is not too New Age to say that ulcers come about as a result of too much anxiety. Many people have been known to vomit violently at the thought of having to speak publicly. There is a mind-body connection. Psycho (mind) soma (body) - psychosomatic illness. Illness induced by the mind.

To say that something is all in your mind has not deterred people from dying from their imaginary illnesses.

As an example, if he dubbed the problems of the Empire unsolvable (a judgement) he would spend his days and night anxiously worrying, loosing sleep and getting an ulcer.

Conversly, if he changed that judgement to, the problems of the Empire are great but solvable and I will commence working on them one at a time first thing in the morning. (Changed judgement) He could then go off to bed and sleep well.

Too often we put our present day "spin" on thoughts that require much more consideration and study. We must seek to know what was in the writers mind, not what pops into ours from our own frame of reference.
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