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Default Re: The Absolute Best Authentications Of The Protocols Of Zion

Nobody is namecalling here, however you have not answered the question as to what God you believe in. You have stated before that you do recognize some God. Is it associated with the many Egyptian Gods?

you said:The Egyptians were excellent at keeping records. They wrote everything down for posterity. The jews of that day were mentioned only in passing and in a very negative light. They were referred to as "sagaz eber," the cutthroats from across the river who raided small outposts of the Egyptian Empire, killing and stealing everything that wasn't nailed down.

Another thing, supposedly when Moshe (Moses) led them out of Egypt, they spent 40 years wandering in the desert, lost. Hey, there were caravan routes all over that area; also, supposedly there were over a million people with Moshe at this time. How do you manage to get lost with a million people in a desert that small? They could have spanned it just holding hands.

It took their god in a rickety old flying machine whose exhausts formed a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night for them to find their butt with both hands, finally making it to their "promised land."

just asking.

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