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Default Re: Lyndon LaRouche: Fascist Demagogue

It is commonly believed that LaRouche is a fringe nutball. Actually, and sadly, much of what he believes is fairly mainstream.

LaRouche believes that the central planning of Lincoln and FDR are to be admired. He believes that corporations should work at the behest of the state. He hates Jefferson, and all good he stands for, and loves Hamilton, and all evils he represents. He loves central banking. None of this is terribly unique.

Sure, LaRouche's ideas are RIDDLED WITH CONTRADICTIONS. He hates the IMF and yet believes we need a "new Bretton Woods" apparently forgetting that the IMF was created at Bretton Woods. He hates the Federal Reserve and Wilson and yet wants central banking. Whatever. I've met plenty of LaRouchies at Berkeley, and they espouse some weird stuff, but their ideology, aside from obsession with a personality, is nothing unusual, really.

Of course, LaRouche does believe in some strange conspiracy theories, and insists that Benjamin Franklin wrote the Declaration of Independence.

And his followers do know they despise libertarianism. Often as I walk by them, they yell out, "Hey! You think Ludwig von Mises is the path to economic recovery? Mises is the new fascism! You should help LaRouche win the presidency or else witness a new economic downturn!" and similar bizarre diatribes. But LaRouchies are hardly alone in their utter confusion about the world, economics, and history.

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