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Wrong again, honey, wrong again.
No I dont believe I am

Socialism is part of marxism, not the other way around. (You need to refresh yourself on your "Das Kapital") Like it or not, marxism with its socialism, materialism.
For the second time although I dont know if I should bother repeating myself.
Government intervention in capitalism does not automatically equal Marxist Socialism!.
You are making a huge uneducated leap by claiming all government intervention equals marxism.However you are so naive that I am sure nothing i state here will make you understand my point so enough said!.

Like it or not all western civilisation and ideologies is based on materialism not just Marxism!.
Marxism like liberalism and all other ISMS had their birth in the Enlightenment they are all a product of enlightenment philosophy which is based and rationality and therefore science progress and materialism.

Now i dont know if you know what I am talking about but I am sure others here will with greater comprehension than you will!.

However in short it means Liberalism conservatism and every other ISM are equally based on materialism not just marxism.
That is why we have the term Political Science for the discipline of studying politics because politics and the study of it, whether you know it or not is a science like any other science therefore it follows that it is a form of materialism!.Becasue materialism is based on science!.
In practice modern politics requires very little idealism it is simply the management of people and resources.Politics is pragmatic, the real driver of power is finance even you should know this!.

This should really be obvious.But for someone as brainwashed and limited in understanding as you iam sure it is no easy task in comprehension.

internationalism (no God, no nation, no individual) is the philosophy of the parasite.
As for internationalism we already have it.
It is also called Globalisation. Globalistion equals Free trade and free movement of people so we already have it what is your belated point.
The fact is Globalisation was brought about by economic liberals not socialists you are wrong again!.

What is digusting is when you reach into somebody else's pocket to pay for your wants and need and desires; taking away their earnings from those who produced useful goods and services, and giving it to those who did nothing for it, but held out their hands. And, to add insult to injury, come up with this idea of entitlement.
Let me put it this way if you were to lose you your job and assets someday soon I am sure you would one of the first to claim welfare payments.
I know in Australia many small business are usually the first to apply for government assistance once there business goes bust!

They are also the first to whinge about financial institions lending practices and big business having monopoly in markets. Yet expect to play the role of the small time capitalist not realising that the Financial institions and corporations simply have the same attitudes as the small business themselves of survival of the fittest on a larger scale the irony and stupidity of the small trader whinging should be obvious.
Making them as group one of the most hypocritical segements of society when they start bagging out those poorer than themselves!.

You may consider those poorer than you parasites but dont forget there are always bigger predators that consider you a parasite!
It is vicious circle modern capitalism and the ill will never ends, so although you obviously believe you are one of the little people, in others eyes it is obvious that you are one of the oppressors and part of problem in the eyes of those lower on the chain.

In the dung heap of hiearchy everyone always ends up beng someones elses masochist target of humiliation it is part of the Human condition that you enjoy perpetuting and not solving because of your bloated pride!.

Therefore I have nothing more to say because i consider you part of the problem you are here simply to push your self centred pride!
You are marching to the drum of Illuminati masters you have qualities of hatred pride and selfishness that they expect!. :-o
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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