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Default Executive Intelligence Review

I've been trying to get hold of a book written by the LaRouche EIR called "Dope Inc., The Book That Drove Henry Kissinger Crazy". Has anyone read it?

I find EIR writings generally quite perceptive and well researched. Among the issues they've written about that I find to be true, is that Hamas was founded, organised and funded by Israel as a counterforce to PLO and that Israel is blowing up their own citizens via Hamas proxy, so that they can blame the Palestinians for the suicide bombings Israel is actually committing.

It's a valid point to consider, that every time a suicide bombing occurs it always plays in the hands of the Israelis; the Palestinians have nothing to gain from the suicide bombings.

The first time I've read about that was at EIR. I'm not at all familiar with LaRouche's domestic policies, but in international politics he certainly has been very well informed.
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