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Default Re: Control Structures Of The NWO

Control Mechanism: "P s y c h O p s" - :-o :-o :-o

Control Mechanism: "P s y c h O p s"
News, in by themselves, are a "P s y c h O p s" directed at the masses, & w/ the purpose & goal to directly affect "Popular Opinion." Why is "Popular Opinion" so important to the "Control Mongers?," well, it kind of works like "Peer Pressure." For some people, specially those who's "weak character" is still developing, are easily affected by, you guessed it, "Peer Pressure." If everyone else thinks something to be "true," then these "weaker" beings accept the "modus operandi" of the group (around them) & also believe their "truth" to be "real," & thus "accept it" as "truth," w/o a thought of any kind. Yeah, I agree, pretty "lame," however unfortunately for "truth seekers," some people are easily "controlled."

Bush Unaware Mikes Were Still On

Another Stunt Targeting The Masses

Subliminal Mind Control

1) 1st of all, if this was in fact true, it points to 1 thing only. We are run under the most vulnerable & stupid administration the US has ever had. If this how vulnerable our security really is, then "There is no security," something that would be disastrous not only to admit, but to the future of the "Neo-Cons."

2) Given the history of "lies & fabrications" by the current administration, since their inception, it is obvious this one was no different. The message is simple, for the simple minded Americans, that still think that their "dad" is running their country. The message being, 1) "hey, I speak the truth both in front & behind closed doors" another lie. 2) The second message being, "if it is safe for anyone to listen to the President, even when the "Secret Service" failed miserably to secure the room, then it must be safe for Americans to be listened to, by the good old boys from the "govy," based on the fact that if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about" another lie, & it doesn't justify, by any means, to allow the gov to walk all over your deserved "freedom & civil rights" w/o due process & authorization, specially when all of this power is placed under 1 man, & w/o any "checks & balances."

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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