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Default In Summary: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide

US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide

In summary:

1) Those at the top of “global corporations” (i.e., CEOs, board members) are getting paid hefty salary increases to continue the “outsourcing, off-shoring, insourcing” (slaughter) of jobs that feed the working American families.

* Outsourcing - Off-Shoring - An arrangement in which one company contracts with service providers located outside the country for services.
* In-Sourcing - An arrangement in which one company contracts with service providers coming into the country, from abroad, for services.
* Illegal Immigrants that are allowed to legally work & obtain financial aid.
* H1-B, L1-B, Visa holders that are employed by companies in U.S. soil for a lower wage & are thus replacing working American families & individuals.

See “A Brief History of H-1B & Free Trade Agreement Implications, In Particular, The Trade
Promotion Authority” – You Must Read This !!!

Slashing H1-B Visas 'Will Send Jobs Overseas'

H-1B Visa Holders Continue To Arrive - Blame Corporate America & The Fed Gov As They Conspire To Take Advantage Of US All

Quoted from the above source:

Some of the important aspects of the Trade Promotion Authority are:
* These trade agreements cannot be revoked
* Congress will only have a Yes or No vote for each agreement
* Congress will give the President the power to negotiate agreements
* Borders will be open for the movement of workers
* Workers will compete for wages and work conditions in an open labor market with open borders
* There will be no labor certification reviews to insure protection of salaries and/or work conditions.
* Visas will be issued almost instantly with no questions asked.
* There will be only a minimal amount of documentation or review of the immigration process required by the DOL, INS or other governmental agencies

Who benefits? Global Corporate Officers, but ultimately, it is the “Global Controllers.” This shows that the “lack of available jobs in the U.S.” is a direct result of these “planned global policies & practices,” & it is not due to just a bad economy & the lack of spending capital for new investments. In other words, the lack of available jobs in America is a direct result of a “planned design.”

How did this “planned design” happened? It’s called “The Free Trade Agreement”.

2) The “unemployment rate” only reflects that percentage of the “labor force” legally qualified to be placed on the “unemployment payroll” for the following 26 weeks or so. Everyone else disqualified is unaccounted for, & therefore is not part of the reported “unemployment rate” figures. Those not “legally qualified” to collect a “check” are not counted. Period. Thus, the “rate of unemployment” is a very deceiving figure. It does not truly reflect neither the state of the economy nor the true health of the American job market.

3) There are 2 major forces at work here, but they are 1 in the same:

a) Cut-Off Of Supply Of Money

Created by the “illusion,” of a bad economy, since it is all a manipulation, & executed by moving the money around, & therefore making that money “unavailable”, as in "budget spending", with the excuses of "war & terrorism," & furthered by creating the biggest deficit we
have ever had.

All of the sudden there is no appreciable money being spent on schools, education, & for creating new jobs at home. The entire system is being allowed to deteriorate. Many local governments are literally running out of money to continue operating.

b) Globalization

Created by the “Global Controllers”, & coordinated by government think-tanks, such as PNAC, & executed in many ways & in many fronts, but 1 of the ways that touches home & everyone can relate to & understand is the outsourcing of jobs to countries, like China, Russia, Spain, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mexico, South America,… & the list goes on – however, there are many other countries as well as there are many other fronts.

4) So,… were are getting “screwed,” slowly but surely !
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