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Default Re: Forget Iran, Americans Should be Hysterical About This

Americans do not understand numbers. Beyond a certain point, they can no longer understand the amount the number represents. Remember a president who is in office now said and continues to say that the rich need and deserve a tax break. This statement defies understanding, but most Americans pretend to understand it. In my experience this is how one gets rich and no other way.
1. You inherit it.
2. You marry it.
3. You steal it.
All great fortunes begin with stealing in one form or another. Greed is the key to and the destroyer of this world wide society. I can do nothing about this except protect myself and that is what I am doing and no I am not investing in the Las Vegas known as the stock market. I suggest everyone who visits this forum take a reality check using their own senses and decide what you think the outcome of this current world situation will be. Yes it has all been planned and most have fallen for it and yes it will not be to the majority's good.
Never explain, never complain.
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