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Default Re: The Mind of SATAN.


Radionic is known as the most innovative field of the esoterism, although it is not very new. Basically, radionics is a form of magick where the magician (called radionic operator) uses a series of modern tools to get his goals. This tools are usually electricity or computer devices, and even home appliances; a new type of magick, based on the radionic's knowledge uses refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, etc. Mainly, radionic is very similar to the traditional magick and also to voodoo. Pschotronics is the field of Mind Control.It uses the power of electronics and radionics to control Human minds , transfer of thoughts from mind to mind and mind manupulation.Tele Hypnosis is therefore the most powerful mind control hypnosis and self hypnosis tool. :-o

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