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Default Re: Dis-information.

55312 said: "But sadly what you propose goes totaly againts what is written in your holy book )"

Based on your postings (or cut and pastes) i don't think you ever bothered to reasearch the subject thoroughly before you embrace this attitude against Quran. I presented you the Truth but you don't want the truth, you want some disinfo. cut and pasted from here and there to make an opinion of yours!

I know just one thing about all of this, Satan tries to discredit "Submission" the original religion of Abraham, his plan is nearly completed with the war on terror. First he divided Submission into three disbuting factions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and then he is now in the final stages of his plan driving these three factions against each other for no other reason but to destroy his enemy, the human being, and to drive the people away from God and anything to do with religion.

However God also has a plan, and it will swallow all this vicious scheme of Satan very soon God willing.

You seem to have totally ignored my points, that i am not calling to the present day Islam, but on the contrary trying to give you the ONE TRUTH that Satan and his NWO satanist leaders don't want you to know, that GOD IS ONE who has no equal, raising a human being (even if he is a prophet) to a divine rank is what the NWO wants of you, the most obvious example is the Celebrity-worship satanic cult.

Before you post another hate thread, please be carefull with your sources, and try to be objective, logical and don't follow your opinion and put it above the truth.

What you presented is truth (about the corruption of modern day Islam represented by the satanic Hadith books) but mixed with falsehood (trying to discredit Quran, God's final testament). So if you can't debate properly, please refrain from these kinds of posts.
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