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Default Re: Spiritual Battle Against The Ego & NWO

"Unity in multiplicity. Multiplicity in unity."

I understand what you wrote and agree 110%.

Get right with God, in your own mind. Faith is a personal thing between you and God. Is life God or business first?

Are you living a spiritual existence or a material one?

I have often said that I am in this world and not of it. Square peg - round hole. I don't know where my thinking comes from as I very rarely meet those who understand me as I understand them.

There are quite a few of us here that qualify under that above quote. How cool is that? The prize to keep your eyes on is peace - plain and simple. Peace in your life, your home, your family and most importantly - your mind. Ego is all B.S.

How many people can find peace in their mind in this day and age, knowing what we do?

There is a peace in the knowledge that the truth always comes to light. Cuz if the truth always comes to light, that means that the light of the world is turning the times, towards the truth... it is inevitable. Peace is coming.

The one thing I know in this life is that the truth always comes to light. For me, that paints a very bright future ahead... sooner or later. Maybe I am an eternal optimist?

Mary XXX
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