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Default Haiti: Another white man's paradise?

As the average white westerner relax in their surburban home drinking starbucks while looking at the tele. There has been another eruption of a nation of people who would like the same freedom to be able to relax and enjoy the tele, but the leaders of the countries in which the white westerners inhibit will not allow the people to be free. Did you know the United States has been in Haiti for over 150 years, but this countries remain one of the poorest in the world. The people wanted the freedom to vote their own leader in office which they did with Jean Aristide. This was against the wishes of their white western masters, so Aristide was removed by gun point by U.S. forces and sent to Africa. The U.S. then appointed it's leaders to control the country and allowed them to kill the people, so they will not vote against their masters again. But the Haitian people have faith that moves mountains, so they have decided to elect their own leaders again. Wow, they actually believe the U.S. propaganda about democracy being just and fair. The U.S. and the rest of the satanic white nations made sure to try to discourage the Haitians from voting by placing the voting stations miles away from their area of residence. So the Haitians with the spirit of God in them walked several miles to the voting booth to vote for their leader of choice. It was reported that there chosen leader had won with 90% of the vote by early polling stations, but after review by the U.S.
it was determined that he had 48% of the vote to his challenger who had 11% of the vote. So the U.S. says that this calls for a special election to determine the winner. Now word in states:

Haiti Announces Investigation After Burnt Ballots Discovered

Haitiís interim government has announced it will review election results after hundreds, perhaps thousands, of burnt ballots were found smoldering in a state garbage dump. Haiti is holding its first elections since the overthrow of President Jean Bertrand Aristide by U.S. led forces nearly two years ago.

So all of you who refute the claim made by madcow that the white man is the devil can prove it by fighting against the satanic intentions of the white nations to enslave a nation of people only because God made them black, by writing your leaders in protest of the denial of human rights. After all what would Jesus do?

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