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Default Re: Forget Iran, Americans Should be Hysterical About This

Ah! Isn't it lovely to see all these "service/servant" type of jobs expanding.

PS: Nurse Aides do NOT make that type of yearly salary. What's happening in the South with these jobs is that the salaries are NOT going up, and the poor Nursing Home Nurse Aide is getting more residents to take care of. My neighbor's daughter has 32-35 patients alone on her wing!!!
The only time the Aide's double up is when there is a heavy lift involved, then they call out for another Aide to give a hand. Otherwise, the salary is weak, the work is "overload"!!!

As far as office clerks, like the old-fashioned 'gal-friday' type------salaries are low.

Yes, these jobs are growing in numbers---but it's all in the 'plan'.

Yes, slavery in disguise!
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