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Default Re: Is homosexuality a part of Population control?

Thier is definatly a link and it was promoted. I dont know of any public studies on the subject but I will qoute a former post of mine I titaled "Soy transgender and the NWO"

I thought I'd share a good link I came accross a while back about homosexuality/lesbianism/transgender and phytoestrogens especialy those in soy. Its a link with several articles in it on the subject. be sure you dont miss the fictional story on the bottom if you like macrbe humor

Also a link about the promotion of homosexualty for birth control.

I am unable to open the second link there is it just me or has it been blocked?

Many people are born or soon become transgendered but its not natural its from exposure to pytoestrogens either in the womb or shortly after. You get these in your diet from soy products and anything that has been sprayed with herbacides especialy wheat they use it to rush ripening.
Edit: Oh and dont forget the phytoestogens in plasics you know like the stuff most little kids toys are made of
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