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Default Re: The Norwegians are right!!!!!

[Anybody from Austin or even all of Texas want to verify this info? The more un-nicely one shouts "NO WAY", the more likely the info is to be true. Refute with facts, not emotion.

Have you spent any time viewing material at It seems not one Bush has sued this person for libel. Or, how about and his accusations about the satanic practices of the Bush Family and their "buddies"? No libel suits here either? Don't you wonder why?]

About the Texas Longhorn Handsign


Dear Henry,

This picture is a common sight in Austin night life. [Photo Here]

I've been going to Austin since the 70's, and lived there from 1990 to 2000.

The original U of Texas football team hand sign, was done with fingers folded, except pinky and thumb. After all, the sign was supposed to represent the Texas Longhorn breed of steer, which has distinctive horns that run horizontally from the top of the animal's head.

This sign the Bush family, Clinton, and others are seen making is with the thumb folded into the palm, the pinky and index fingers pointed straight up. The 'mark of the beast'.

The UT sign goes with the saying, 'hook 'em horns'. But in Austin, you can actually greet anyone with this latter hand sign and openly say, 'hail satan'. I am not kidding about this.

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