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Default Re: .........Into the Belly of the Beast

I've read some reports that claim that it was probably murder because of how low we was hanging. Apparently he was hanging so low, that it would have been hard for him to actually hang with his body in the water. The idea is that he was more likely killed first and then placed there. Was is the masons of Propaganda or was it the mafia making it look like that to throw suspicion? Personally, if it was murder, the only reason to stage the suicide instead of doing away with the body altogether is to send a message. And, consider that there is a large number of masons that work for Scotland Yard. So many, that it's been a point of public interest and in the courts for all police to divulge their affiliations with the lodge.
So, if there was a hidden message, and it was a masonic message being sent to anyone who was thinking about talking, it would make sense that the masonic dominated british police would write it off as a suicide. The insiders would still understand the message, and the public at large would not understand the nature and connection of the death.
Good post, Barbara!!!
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