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Default Re: Appeal for shareholder value in christian churches

Indred wrote:
Are you just now learning that the Christian churches of this world have nothing to do with the G-D of the Bible or his Son Jesus Christ. Then you need to study the Bible more. Read about usury and the fate of the rich. Read it from the Bible and learn the truth.
You took the words right out of my mouth!
Thanks Indred!

And PS: Notice lately that the mega churches actually distract the congregation with all those cutesy get-togethers, etc. Oh and don't forget those bible classes. Yes, let's all learn and talk about Jesus: talk, talk, talk.
Get the picture, ya'll???

As mentioned, people are starving. People need homes, education for our young sucks. Everbody knows that abuse (in it's various avenues) goes on and on, but everyone is busy busy busy being Christian!!

Please, everyone here, don't take offense. The true Christians are true to their hearts and souls. Their conscience is in the right place!
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