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Default Re: Documents Show Freemasons and Illuminati as Initiators of Wars and Revolutions

An excellent post, Bikermice; very timely because much of this information tends to "slip beneath the radar" over time, to our detriment. We become distracted by all the effects and forget to look, instead, for root cause.

Freemasonry and other known so-called secret societies or elite groups are but branches with a common root. I, for one, eschew the idea that the Illuminate is the top of the pyramid, to mix metaphors. The higher you go on that pyramid, the more invisible (like the roots of a tree) and less known are the individuals, and they ARE individuals. No Joe-sixpack, they, but they live and breathe.

Combine the information in this post with another one currently on the "front page" titled "Yawn Yawn" and some very interesting facts begin to surface. Since Masons "recruit" from the general populace, it could be said that they are the "foot soldiers," the infantry, boots-on-the-ground - first line of offence/defense for those at the top.

Time was that those who aspired to "get ahead" in the world sought membership in the Masons as a means to advance in their profession/job. It would seem that the increase in third world population and the resultant diversity combined with the reduction in white population along with "the graying of America" has taken it's toll on this group.

Also, the demographics of the workplace have morphed from the idea that you get and keep a job for life to the seeking of upward mobility where it is now what you know, not who. IMHO, this is a good thing as it favors talent and ability over "cronyism" in our high-tech environment, but not entirely. There will always be those who are where they are because of a ring or a secret handshake. especially the higher you go in a company or corporation.

The best and only advice I would have for anyone is to steer clear of any Masonic involvement unless you have ALL the facts and are prepared to do what most likely will be required of you in the near future. You must be prepared to betray non-Masonic friends, your country, your faith and/or any other act deemed necessary by the lodge when the time comes. To do otherwise puts you at cross purposes with the oaths you have sworn and carries a heavy, often deadly penalty.

Unless/until you reach the 33rd Degree, which is "invitation only," you will simply be a useful idiot, to be used as needed and to spread the propaganda of fellowship and good works, all of which is the wool that is pulled over your eyes so you that you will go out and do the same for others.

Your post illustrates clearly the difference between Shriner's Hospitals and bloody revolution, two hands on the same body, one covering the work of the other.

Keep getting this information before the general public, if you have friends who are Masons, tell them about this, they have no clue I assure you. If you are currently a Mason, demit immediately; time is short. What good will it do you to gain TEMPORARY wealth and position if the loss of your soul is the price you pay?
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