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Default Re: Is homosexuality a part of Population control?

Well either that second link is gone or blocked I still cant get in. And I did some google searches and cant come up with anything on it either.
From what I remember it talked about a big meeting in Australia where promoteing homosexuality was talked about amoung the world eletes as well as other strategies FOR BIRTH CONTROL PUROSES! (perhaps not a smoking gun but to many coincidences for me to believe its an accident). Then within a couple years homosexuals started being promoted into everything and their lifestyle was pushed. Gay rights ect...
Also about the same time soybeans were being promoted and Jeb Bush built his famous worlds largest soybean farm in Brazil (it was sold when he ran for gov. I believe).
Something else they didnt mention though was thats about the time the new herbicides with phytoestrogens started showing up and unsafe plastics became an all invasive product(food grade plastics dont outgas phytoestrogens).

Being born with the wrong brain is a birth defect/disease and should be treated as such. This cant be done when people are promoteing it as normal and good though. I have known several homosexuals and they are some of the most unhappy people you will ever meet.
We need ways to help them get through these problems and live a NORMAL life that they can enjoy.
But yes I agree probably the majority of 'homosexuals' and certainly bisexuals are trained to be that way not born to it. Many were molested by homosexuals as children.
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