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Default Re: Dis-information.

Mr. Moslem dude, I truly appreciate the strength of your faith.

If you choose to believe I am going to hell because I believe Jesus Christ was the spirit of God, incarnate, so be it.

If you to choose to believe all souls sans Islam are going to hell, you are in for a pretty rude awakening when you get there. I don't believe heaven is solely for the Christians or the Moslems, it's the home of all God's children.

Heaven is for those who have faith and believe in the power of love, forgiveness and understanding.

If I get their first, I'll make sure to hold the door open for you. Would you do the same for me my Moslem brother, or would you have God slam the gates in my Christian face?

As a parent, I find this my God is better than your God attitude very immature, no disrespect intended. :-? All religions have been corrupted by men, wake up; that's why God wrote the message on your heart... compassion is the word.

Peace Mary X
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