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Default U2, Stones and the NWO

Can't sleep tonight. The music from the U2 concert at the stadium is too loud, even though it is more than 3 km away. I thought it was someone in the condo, until I heard the Sunday Bloody Sunday refrain and the cheers of thousands of people.
I went checking the show on the TV and what I saw was mind boggling: a NWO discourse , claims that we all should be ONE, flashes on the giant screen above the stage with the word UN. Makes me want to puke. Bono was wearing a black shirt with a red pentagram. What a s.o.b., he went to lunch with the President of the Republic yesterday. Amazing NWO agent, he makes people light their cell phones to illustrate that Bush could make a call to Blair and end poverty in the world (my ass they could) BUT he meets with Bush like good pals !
Last Saturday we had the Stones in Rio (I am in Sao Paulo). They had a show in Copacabana beach (free entrance), the largest rock show ever with more than a million people. Mick sang his ode to the devil as usual, wore a red t-shirt with strange signals (same signals that were flashed on the screen during "Sympathy for the Devil".
I wonder what the heck the two most famous R&R bands are doing in Brazil in the same week. Are they targeting the Brazilian youth to accept the NWO ?
May this Bono clown be the antiChrist ? That would be really funny.

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