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Default Re: U2, Stones and the NWO

There is more...after I wrote the post I went back to watch the rest of the show. At the end, after Bono sang that song that really is a Psalm (40) he got a crucifix (those with beads, like a rosary) and hung it to the microphone. He seemly prayed.

However, the crucifix was one that with the distorted Christ, with the arms of the cross kind of bent down, like the one the Popes use on their walking rod. has been saying that this kind of crucifix is a mockery of Christ.

Another weird comment he made was: "Where can we go beyond this ?" when the 100,000 people were worshipping him and singing a refrain, meaning that it was just too much success and power for him.

Jagger is depraved, everybody can see that. He is a character, a person who must play a role all the time. He is artificial. Like the Dorian Gray portrait, he is becoming ugly on the outside as he is in the inside. After the show he was hoping around nightclubs in Rio. He can't stop.

But Bono is ten times more charismatic. He is REALLY nice and approachable. He looks real.
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